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Cynthia G. Avatar
Cynthia G.

This family owned and operated Afterschool Karate program is a great place for kids to learn and grow in the... read more - 2/08/2020

Valarie G. Avatar
Valarie G.

I am very impressed with Tim McCahans after school program. My daughter is learning strength and discipline. Tim McCahan and... read more - 12/14/2019

Jeff R. Avatar
Jeff R.

What an awesome place to have you child be apart of. not only has it been something that he has... read more - 12/14/2019

Julia M. Avatar
Julia M.

Our son is thriving! Behavior is so much better, he loves it; he’s so focused and driven! Amazing program! - 12/14/2019

Claudette H. Avatar
Claudette H.

Family owned and operated. Smooth running operation with kids treating each other with respect and kindness. Full hour of... read more - 12/14/2019

Marianne W. Avatar
Marianne W.

Respect and community are taught here. Great teachers! Great facility. - 12/13/2019

Catherine A. Avatar
Catherine A.

It's made an impact in my child's life in all the right ways. - 12/13/2019

Kim K. Avatar
Kim K.

Great people that will help impart important values in your child. - 9/28/2019

Kimberly B. Avatar
Kimberly B.

Awesome karate instructor - 5/24/2019

Autumn N. Avatar
Autumn N.

My son Ramzy has been in this program for two months. Every day I see a positive change in him.... read more - 10/28/2018

Richard H. Avatar
Richard H.

if you are looking to place your children in a program I can tell you as a professional martial arts... read more - 1/11/2018

Andrew S. Avatar
Andrew S.

My daughter loves the karate classes and is having a great time . - 8/31/2016

Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.

Our son has gone to the Tim McCahan after school and summer programs for several years now and truly... read more - 8/30/2016

Christina E. Avatar
Christina E.

Enrolling my son into the Karate program has been the best decision I have made. They helped my son with... read more - 8/25/2016

Chrissy H. Avatar
Chrissy H.

We can't say enough about this program. Our oldest has been attending the Afterschool program for 6 years and our... read more - 8/23/2016

Aimee R. Avatar
Aimee R.

I love this program. My daughter has gotten so strong in this program. The kids are safely picked up at... read more - 8/22/2016

Frank W. Avatar
Frank W.

Awesome after school programs and summer camps, too. My son learns a lot, and not just about karate but about... read more - 8/17/2016

John G. Avatar
John G.

As Executive Director of the Martial Arts Teachers Association, I have traveled the world visiting martial arts schools and clubs.... read more - 8/17/2016

Stephanie D. Avatar
Stephanie D.

My son loves it here, loves the kids and instructor's. - 2/18/2016

Charlie A. Avatar
Charlie A.

My son loves going here! He has learned a lot and has great discipline. - 10/20/2015