About Us

We’ve been doing this since 1997 as a family. We’re not a big corporation or some young entrepreneurial kid looking to make a quick buck. We take great pride in our service reputation and our student retention. We have many kids that have been with us for over five years. We’re honored to be considered the best after school program in St. Petersburg.

Meet The Team


Tim McCahan was recognized by the World Head Of Family Council for the best after school program in Florida and he was inducted into the World Hall Of Fame as Master Instructor Of The Year.


The Karate Mom,” Debbie McCahan may be a 5th degree black belt in karate, but she’s like a 10th degree black belt as a parent and mother.

Tim II

Tim McCahan II was raised with the martial arts values we teach in our classes. He is an excellent role model and mentor for the kids in our school.


Like her big brother, 3rd degree black belt Nicole McCahan has a passion for working with and mentoring young children. She is a certified personal trainer and enjoys practicing yoga as well.


My desire to help others grow as I did in this program. I am now 22 years old and I now work full time mentoring other children in learning how to guide their life in the right direction!

Who We Are

We are your Family Life Center of St Petersburg, teaching character, success skills, and life lessons, while mentoring children through our afterschool-sports program.

What We Don’t Do

We Are Not in the Baby Sitting Business

We are a structured alternative to babysitting. We are NOT a licensed daycare business, rather a nationally licensed martial arts business after school. We are a constructive alternative to daycare, extended day and babysitting for school aged children after school. Our stock and trade is NOT in the supervision and care or babysitting business, rather the talent and skill business, teaching of martial arts principals, mentoring children, building discipline, respect, instilling character, manners, success principals and life skills, exercise, and self-defense everyday. We develop better children!

We Do Not Compromise on Safety and Security

We’ve invested in regulation seat-belted school buses. We have been commended by the St. Petersburg Fire Department for using buses that provide maximum protection for your kids.


We Do Not Allow Bullying

This is a subject that we take seriously. Our facility is a no-bully zone. We host seminars with national bullying experts to teach our families how to recognize, avoid, and resolve bullying.


We Do Not Permit Foul Language

We want kids to have good, clean fun. We pay attention to what kids say and do.


We Do Not Do Not Allow Wifi on Our Computers

One of the life skills we teach is that of earning privileges. Access to our game area is an earned privilege. We supply only G-Rated games and children are allowed to bring their own games. None of our game computers has a WiFi connection.

What We Do

Safety and Security

Our 18,000 square foot after school program facility in St. Petersburg is a clean and safe environment for your child. Our 12 security cameras cover our four dedicated classrooms, padded soccer field, game stations, quiet areas for study, clean cafeteria, lobby, and all general areas.

Local School Pickup

Parents love this convenience. First American Transportation Services LLC, pick up our students from local south Pinellas Country schools and safely transport them to our facility.

Structured Routine

First, children arrive off the buses. Then, children enjoy a snack they bring from home or buy one and enjoy it in our cafeteria and then begin to warm-up to get ready for their class.

Martial Arts Training

Our program is centered around our martial arts classes. We take great pride in the fact that many of our students have become highly skilled black belts. Some are even instructors now. Our martial arts program teaches children the values of respect, courtesy, self-control, and self-discipline.

Life Skills Curriculum

We have a special Life Skills Curriculum created by Master Instructor John Graden. An acclaim author and teacher, Mr. Graden has appeared on many national media platforms such as the Wall Street Journal and The Dr. Oz Show.

Day Camps

When school is out, we’re in! We provide day camps to accommodate various Pinellas County teacher workdays and holidays throughout the school year.


What Our Families are Saying

This is my sons second year here and we both love it! Not only does he look forward to doing something he loves five days a week, but he's also taught self discipline, manners, and respect. I feel at ease knowing my son is here after school as the program doesn't allow any bullying. The instructors are all great and everything is very organized. Highly recommended!

If you are looking for a trustworthy, anti-bully, and confidence building facility for your child, this is the place! Very convenient they pick up from school. My daughter has gained more confidence from coming here, and has made wonderful friends. I would highly recommend.

My daughter has gained strength, coordination, and endurance attending After School Sports. The parents night out events are a big hit also! But above all, I trust the McCahan family with not only keeping her safe after school every day but in teaching her how to stay safer throughout her lifetime.

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