Good morning. This is Tim from Tim McCahan After School Sports. Oftentimes we get asked, “What do we do with the child who comes here after school and just doesn’t want to participate in class?” Well, that happens every now and then. Kids get a bellyache. They don’t want to go to school. They have a hard day at school. They come here, they have a headache or a bellyache. They just don’t want to participate and we tell them, “It’s okay. You can just relax and enjoy your time here.” But let me ask you, “How do you learn fast?” They tell us, “By watching and listening and remembering.” I says, “Great. Why don’t you just sit in class and watch and listen today? You learn so much just by watching and listening and if you feel like getting up and doing a little something, you can. If you want to sit back down, I just want you being there watching and listening, remembering and learning.” Have a great day.

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