My name is Tim McCahan. I’m the owner of Tim McCahan After School Sports. We’ve been running the After School Sports Program for nearly 20 years now. This is a family-owned and operated business. We are primarily a martial art facility, but we have integrated different activities here, just to kind of give more of a wide range of development. We do a seasonal things. We’ll do cheerleading for a period. We’ll do hip-hop dance. We have a professional boxing trainer that comes in and works with some of the kids in boxing skills and kickboxing.

We’ve noticed that most all other after school programs are just babysitting. Our passion and our mission is to want to get in and mentor kids, teach them how to think better, how to make better choices. We want to awaken their conscience so they understand consequences. Everything we do here is molding and shaping their mind and their abilities to grow up, to resist the negative peer pressures that are going to be coming.

I believe that kids like to be disciplined. Kids like to know that you care. They know that they’re going to be safe here. They know that they’re not going to be bullied. So I see a lot of changes, as far as their manners, their respect, their confidence.

We had a boy start here probably eight months ago who had anxiety. He just couldn’t do anything on his own without his mom. Well, today, he doesn’t have any anxiety any more. His confidence is built up. He’s sparring. He’s putting sparring gear on, and he’s sparring. His mom can’t believe it. And that really makes us feel good, knowing that we can change a child.

Don’t waste all those after school hours. Our program, we can utilize those 15 or 20 hours every single week to create a difference in your child’s life.