Testimonials from Parents and Students

"I really like it..." Chasity Tuccio, Saint Petersburg

"We shopped around..." Frank Weber, Pinellas Park

"My son has learned how to focus..." Frank Weber, Pinellas Park

"They have a long history..." – Cynthia Ssengoba, St. Petersburg

"This is family run..." – The Tuccios, Saint Petersburg

I read an article about the integrity of this family." – Cynthia Ssengoba, St. Petersburg

"This fit the bill..." – Sharon Rynell

"As a middle school principal..." – Barbara Fillkart, Pinellas Park

"Everything is secure and clean..." – Cynthia Ssengoba, St. Petersburg

"It's been great..." – Sharon Rynell, Gulfport

"Why Karate?" – The Tuccios, Saint Petersburg

"This was our first choice..." – Beth Silverman, Clearwater